Top 10 Mythical Battles Of All Time


Welcome to Top10Archive! In this installment, we’re digging deep into the world’s legends, myths and other epic writings, to bring you 10 of the fiercest battles fought within them. So get ready, grab your swords or magic wands and charge into our picks for the top 10 mythical battles!

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10. Battle of Brávellir (Nordic)
9. Æsir–Vanir War (Norse)
8. Amazonomachy (Greek)
7. War of Vesosis and Tanausis (Roman)
6. Battle of Banquan (Chinese)
5. Trojan War (Greek)
4. Battle of Mag Itha (Irish)
3. Hindu Mythological Wars (Hindu)
2. Titanomachy (Greek)
1. Ragnarök (Norse)

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