Star Trek New Voyages, 4×00, Come What May, Subtitles



Episode: 4×00 – Pilot Film
Title: “Come What May”
Length: 0:39:57 (16:9 version)
Release date: 16.01.2004
Stardate: 6010.1 (Fri July 19, 2267)
Writer: Jack Marshall
Director: Jack Marshall

After receiving a distress call, the USS Enterprise, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk (James Cawley), is assigned to investigate an intruder attacking the Primus IV colony. Once there, the crew encounters a strange alien life form that can produce visions of personal events displaced in time. These visions may hold the key to better understanding the threat they are about to encounter.

Please Note:
This was our pilot episode that, while watchable, does not compare with our later episodes like “World Enough and Time”.
We have now reedited this episode into the 16:9 widescreen format which we feel most people will prefer. It is slightly shorter as we have removed some outdated titles.

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