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Hanging In There with Sticktoitiveness
Some of my most successful clients today didn’t always do so well on the search engines. Many of them had new websites that the search engines were turning a cold shoulder to. Others had websites that used to do very well but over time had fallen out of the web’s limelight. In each of these cases, determination won the battle for my clients and they now enjoy solid presence on the search engines, including Google.
If your site isn’t doing as well as you would like it to be doing, one of the worst things that you can do is ignore the problem. If you’re not happy, make your concerns known to your marketing company. They should have their finger on your website’s pulse and should have a fairly good idea of how your site is performing, but ultimately they need you to tell them if you’re not getting as many emails as you would like to. At Page 1 Solutions, we have a few different measures of a website’s success, but our main way of telling whether or not our clients are happy is by talking to them.
If you want to do more with the web, whether it’s because you’re not doing well or because you’re hungry for more, be sure to let your web marketer know how you’re feeling. By being up front with your expectations, you’ll hopefully get quicker results. If your web marketing company isn’t being responsive, it may be time to find another provider, but keep doing what’s working. Don’t scrap your entire marketing plan. If you do that, you may find yourself sliding further downhill instead of climbing to a new level of success.
There is No Web Marketing Miracle
This is key to understand. No one can offer you instant, lasting results. You can pay for sponsored listings on the search engines, but when the money runs out, your presence is zilch. The only way to obtain lasting results on the search engines is through blood, sweat, and tears – well, and money. We all know well enough to steer clear of “get rich quick” schemes. We all need to learn that the same applies to “instant web results quick and cheap” schemes. Anyone who says that can position you well on the search engines for $50 a month has 50 angry surgeons on the line and is replacing them as they go. Don’t be one of those surgeons. Start with a solid online investment and branch off from there.
Stick To It –tivenes
Above all, stay active in your web marketing. Web marketers are like those little lizards that can run across water. They have webbed feet and are speedy little guys, but if they stopped running…well, I’m sure that they can swim if they have to. Don’t get caught standing still, or your competition will speed past you while you’re struggling to keep your head above water.

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