ESSEC Faculty perspectives on the crisis: For a responsible leadership at a time of crisis


“ | Todays crisis is multifaceted. We must therefore gather the energy of researchers from the different fields of management, and beyond, to
account for each of the dimensions of the crisis. An interdisciplinary questioning must better understand the past for explanations, the present for its consequences, and the future for its possible solutions.
This ESSEC Interdisciplinary Forum « Questioning the Crisis » will rest upon the expertise of the specialists of the different fields of management, in order to be a place of academic questioning of the crisis, with 4 objectives:
– an analysis of the causes of the crisis, including those which are linked to management education and research ;
– an analysis of the impact of the crisis on the different sectors of management, and therefore on our different disciplinary fields ;
– a contribution to a search for solutions, including in terms of curriculum evolution ;
– and an evaluation of the solutions that have been tried.”


April 15th, 2017 by